MetaMe 0.18.0 now available

By Andrew
April 2, 2020

This release contains a new feature: daily progress notifications.

Daily progress notifications

Daily progress notification

Daily progress notifications informs you of your productivity at a scheduled time during the day. This can serve as a timely reminder to wrap up, snap out of procrastination or simply know your productivity progress.

The scheduled time, and feature toggle can be found on the notification settings menu.


You can update to this version by going to settings > update. You can also download the latest version here.


New Features
  • Daily progress notifications
  • Onboarding copy and flow improved
  • Optimized notification display period
  • Fixed issue where clicking on notifications doesn’t work
  • Fixed issue where application names with forward slashes gives errors
  • Fixed issue where double clicking tray icon doesn’t close MetaMe, even though it is focused
  • Fixed issue where productive onboarding page doesn’t refresh on focus