Analytics for productive humans

MetaMe automatically analyzes your computer usage to give you insights

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What our users are saying

"I'm finding it quite useful..."

"It feels pretty good when I see my productivity."

"This app is awesome..."

"its just nice to see the time I spent on work vs other stuff like games"

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* MetaMe only works for Windows 10

Visualize your productivity goals

Distractions are everywhere in todays world.

Focusing is getting harder.

We created productivity goals to help motivate you and stay focused.

Simply set your goal, then monitor your progress throughout the day.

Reconstruct your day

Have you ever lost track of time?

Where did that time go?

Reconstruct your day to the second with the activity chart.

View the complete timeline of your day.

See a detailed breakdown of each section by hovering.

Understand your past performance

We created the ultimate productivity review tool: the heat map.

The brightness of each square rises and falls with your productivity each day.

Quickly identify your most productive days.

Easily see if your productivity improving or declining over time.

Designed to protect your privacy

Privacy of your digital activities is crucial for your security and freedom.

Time tracking software should not work by uploading all your computer activity to the cloud.

With MetaMe your data is encrypted and stored on your own computer.

This way only you can view your data (yes, not even us).

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* MetaMe only works for Windows 10