MetaMe 0.17.0 now available

By Andrew
March 10, 2020

This release contains additional filters for the most used apps widget.

Categorize your apps easily

The new neutral apps view makes it easier than ever to quickly categorize your productive and unproductive applications. To see this view click on the “Most used apps” dropdown then select “Neutral apps”.

Most used apps

Neutral apps view

Understand your productivity in more detail

The new productive apps and unproductive apps view makes it easier to see your most productive apps, and your most unproductive activities. To navigate to this view, click the “Most used apps” dropdown then select “Productive apps” or “Unproductive apps”

Productive apps view

Unproductive apps view


You can update to this version by going to settings > update. You can also download the latest version here.


  • Ability to filter most used apps by productive, unproductive, and neutral.