MetaMe 0.16.0 now available

By Andrew
January 29, 2020

View a full year on the heat map and some minor bug fixes.

View the heat map in full

Have you ever wondered what you were doing with your time more than few months ago? A new feature now lets to you view a full years worth of data on the heatmap at any one time.

Full heatmap view

View the timeline and most used apps for a past date by clicking on the heatmap.

To see the full heatmap, click the expand symbol on the top right of the heatmap.

Expand heatmap button


You can update to this version by going to settings > update. You can also download the latest version here.


New Features
  • View 1 year of data on the heat map
    • Expand from the dashboard
    • Select either 1 year rolling data, or select a specific year to view
  • Fixed a minor x-axis alignment issue
  • Fixed bug where hidden apps are not applied when viewing dates in the past