MetaMe 0.14.2 released

By Andrew
August 26, 2019

This release contains minor enhancements and some bug fixes.


You can update to this version by going to settings > update. You can also download the latest version here.


  • Hidden app time appearing on charts
  • Window sometimes gets restored to 0,0. Minsize set to fix this issue
  • Timer issues potentially causing performance issues on the dashboard
  • Layout issue on onboarding-productive-apps page
  • Bug where “No Selection” is seen on app selection widget
  • Installer now kills service-win process
  • Themes renamed
  • Editing groups now available via settings > App groups
  • Moved hidden apps to “App groups” page
  • Most used widget now has mock data during tour
  • More learnable keyboard shortcuts on the dashboard
  • Removed some unused settings page options
  • Dashboard text highlighting removed