MetaMe 0.14.0 now available

08 Aug 2019

MetaMe 0.14.0 is now available. This version has a new theme system, two new color schemes and improved usability for common actions.

New themes

We have created two exciting new themes: Thalassophile and Tyson dark. Change the theme by going to settings > themes.

MetaMe thalassophile theme MetaMe tyson dark theme

Improved usability for common actions

In previous versions, editing goals, groups and categorizing applications was not easily discoverable. This version of MetaMe now uses a hover + keyboard press system which should increase discoverability and learnability.

Categorizing an app Edit goal Edit group


Update to this version by going to settings > update then clicking “check for updates”. You can also download the latest version here


  • Themes selection page - Select your favourite color scheme from settings > themes page. Select from the following:
    • Thalassophile - a low contrast theme based on solarized dark
    • Tyson dark - a more vibrant color scheme based on default
  • Edit goal action
    • Hover + keyboard button press (X) replaces the previous pencil edit button action
  • Edit group action
    • Hover + keyboard button press (X) replaces the previous dot menu actions
  • Categorize application action
    • Hover + keyboard button presses replaces previous context menu actions
      • Hovering over the app then pressing X,C,V,B would categorize as productive, unproductive, neutral and hidden respectively
  • Keyboard shortcut Alt + ~ now minimizes MetaMe instead of hiding it.
  • and other webpages stealing focus
  • Minor gridline animation issue in activity chart
  • Heat map data issue when productive groups are updated
  • Performance issues which may be causing the dashboard to get stuck loading after long periods of idleness
  • Possibility of getting stuck on the loading page due to concurrency race condition
  • Search functionality removed due to weak user response
  • Upgrade to Pro button removed.