MetaMe 0.13.0 now available

By Andrew
July 1, 2019

MetaMe 0.13.0 is now available. This version gives you more improved tooltips, an improved application selection screen, and a redesigned goal history widget.

Improved Tooltips

Hovering over 15 minute bars now shows your top 5 most used applications for that period. This allows you to reconstruct your day in greater detail than before

MetaMe application selection screen

Improved application selection

The application selection screen now allows you to filter results by “applications” and “websites”. This makes it easier to search for the item you had in mind

MetaMe application selection screen

Redesigned Goal History Widget

The goal history widget is now clearer. The widget now shows only the current week with the current day highlighted


Update to this version by going to settings > update then clicking “check for updates”. You can also download the latest version here


  • Improved tooltips
    • Hovering over a 15 minute bar now shows the top 5 most used applications for that period
  • Goal history widget redesigned
    • history now always starts from beginning of week
    • Today’s date is now highlighted in goal history widget
  • Filter by applications or websites when selecting productive applications
  • Goal loops tooltips added
  • Simulate data feature during guided tour
  • Onboarding application selection now populated with Chrome and FireFox history
  • Minor chart labelling changes
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where sensors were creating incorrect dates
  • Keyboard shortcuts now working with on-boarding forms
  • Fixed bug where transition to new work doesn’t display properly in goal history
  • Fixed minor bugs where goal history was not updating
  • Fixed issue causing data issues in candle generator
  • Fixed an issue causing “Event timestamp lower than period” error
  • Fixed some null reference exceptions coming from AppActivitySensor
  • Fixed animation bugs in most used chart