How do I host MetaMe API on a different port?

14 Nov 2020

Hosting the MetaMe API on a different port involves setting up appropriate permissions, then updating the --url parameter in the settings.

Step 1. Add urlacl permission for your url using netsh

E.g. to setup MetaMe API on port 9000, open command prompt in Administrator mode and run the following :

netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:9000/ user=\Everyone

Note the trailing slash at the end of the url

Step 2. Use netsh show urlacl to check the permission

Check that your new permission has been setup appropriately by running the following:

netsh http show urlacl

Check that your new entry is on the list.

Step 3. Change the MetaMe --url setting

Open up MetaMe > Settings > General and modify the --url setting. See this guide for more details.

After restarting, MetaMe should be hosted on the new port