What data does telemetry collect?

15 Oct 2019

MetaMe collects telemetry data to help us improve the product. Telemetry also helps us fix bugs and issues.

What does telemetry collect?

Telemetry data is limited to the following:

  1. Unique id - A unique id is generated when MetaMe is installed. This id helps us track user retention.
  2. User interactions events - We capture instances when the user interacts with MetaMe. This includes:
    • Timestamp of the event
    • MetaMe window interactions: Focus, blur, minimize, restore and close actions
    • MetaMe screen changes: Eg. dashboard, settings pages
    • MetaMe functionality: Categorizing applications, tooltips, notification interactions
    • MetaMe control interactions: Button clicks, radio button clicks, etc
    • MetaMe crashes and error reports
    • MetaMe version

We do not store IP addresses.